Prayer requests

Weekly Prayer Times / Prayer Prompter / Submit a Prayer Request Online

Dedication to prayer (listening to and speaking with God) is the lifeblood of the Christian walk.  Let's determine to be a people who regularly gather for prayer. Why not join a team of people who desire to focus on prayer?
Choose from the following weekly prayer times:
(for directions to the meeting rooms visit the Office Reception Desk, or email us here)

  • Sunday @ 9:30am - In the basement

  • Monday @ 10:00am - North Meeting Room A (suspended for July & Aug)

  • Tuesday @ 7:30am - North Meeting Room A

  • Wednesday @ 7:00pm - North Meeting Room A

  • Thursday @ noon - South Meeting Room

If you are unable to attend a weekly prayer time at Emmanuel, but still would like to pray for current requests and needs at Emmanuel, find our weekly, downloadable Prayer Prompter here.

Submit a prayer request online:
* Prayer requests submitted through the web site are prayed for by staff and added to our prayer prompter, which is used by many of Emmanuel’s prayer groups.  If you wish this request to be private for staff only, please indicate – “private” in the request.